Ladoga арендовала 7 000 кв.м в Логистическом парке Шушары
Ladoga leased 7,000 sq.m in the Shushary Logistics Park

Ladoga leased 7,000 sq.m in the Shushary Logistics Park. The consultant of the deal was NF Group. The alcohol producer will use this area for temporary storage of own and partner's products, as well as bonded warehouse where it will daily label 180 thousand of imported bottles with special federal stamps.

The company needed to increase its logistical infrastructure because of the expansion of  production capacity after the departure of international alcohol brands from the Russian market. Earlier Ladoga used to store its products at its plant on Moskovskoe highway in St. Petersburg. Ladoga needed free and ready-to-use storage space to begin the licensing process quickly. Shushary Logistics Park, located just 10 km away from the company's plant, was the optimal solution.

In 2023 Ladoga expects to double its imports: wine imports will increase by 56% and spirits by 189%. Last year Ladoga's sales rose 32% to 36 million liters. Shipments of its own brands were up 40% and imported brands were up 7%. Ladoga is one of the top 10 major Russian importers of wine in Russia and is a big supplier of spirits, with 1.5 million liters. Last year, due to the increased volume of purchases and sales, the company expanded its storage capacity in the Moscow region by leasing 16,000 sq. m. in Klimovsk Logistics Park.


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