Моби Матрикс Логистик арендовала более 4000 кв.м. в Логистическом парке Климовск
Mobi Matrix Logistic leased more than 4000 sq.m. in Klimovsk Logistic Park
MOBI MATRIX LOGISTIC, Russian company with more than 26 years of experience in logistics, has signed a long-term lease in Klimovsk Logistics Park. New warehouse with a total area of more than 4000 sq.m will allow the tenant to unite all its current sites and provide more flexibility in solving problems related to the growth of the company's client portfolio. 
Klimovsk Logistics Park with a total area of 157 000 sq.m is located in Podolsk region, 21 km away from the Moscow Ring Road. The main advantages of the complex for tenants are its location, convenient drive-in areas and parking lots, developed infrastructure and professional management company. 

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