Raven Property Group Limited, the owner of 1.89 million square metres of warehouse space and  three office complexes  operating for 17 years in Russia, has announced its intention to divest control of its Russian business to the Russian management team. Our priorities are our people and our tenants, and we will make every effort to make the transition smooth.

Raven Property Group will cede control of the business to the Russian team. By doing this, the business will be allowed to continue operating as usual, all employment will be secure and the team can continue supporting tenants as  the largest warehouse owner in Russia. The principles and rules of working with tenants in Russia will remain unchanged, and all existing leases will be respected in full.  Our priority is to ensure uninterrupted operations in our warehouses and constant provision of quality services to the tenants. 
Igor Bogorodov said “ The team are extremely grateful to the Board of Raven Property Group for supporting the development of this business since its inception in 2005. We are confident in highly professional employees dedicated to their work and vast experience in warehouse and real estate market”.

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